Jumat, 28 Agustus 2009

About Me Right Now !!!

( ^_^) Welcome (^_^ )
Hi everyone !!! This is my personal web contains everything about me. Feel free to look around.
Name : Meyke Liechandra
Nick Name : Meyke, Mimi, Elise, Mike, Mey, Amigos
Address : Cendrawasih Square Jalan Cendrawasih A 11 Makassar, Indonesia 90134
Birthday : Gorontalo, 04 July 1991
Phone Number : (+62) 411-853956, (+62) 85656114931
Hobby : Playing games, reading, writting, watching movie
Religion : Buddha
Description : I’m just an ordinary person who wants to be an extraordinary one…
Now I’m learning about online, blogging, and everything about Internet.
This is all the place where you can find me in the Internet

Friendster www.Friendster.com elise_seandra@yahoo.com
Facebook www.Facebook.com elise_seandra@yahoo.com
Plurk www.Plurk.com elise_seandra@yahoo.com
Hi5 www.Hi5.com elise_seandra@yahoo.com
Twitter www.Twitter.com Mey_Liechandra
And this is what I really like. My Blog. Please visit it if you have some time…

If you want to ask me about something, or just want to say Hi, just send me at elise_seandra@yahoo.com.
Well, that’s all about me. Thank You……